NEOZOON ́s lecture focus will be their artistic film work and the investigation of speciesism BY using social media and pop cultural elements. For Okto-Lab, the Collective developed the 2-channel installation CEPHALIZATION, which deals with human octopods that consume themselves while telling disparaging jokes. The aim is always the modification of established visual patterns and the opening of new visual possibilities. De- and recontextualization of Found Footage and Youtube material is a recurring element in the work of NEOZOON, so the lecture will also be presented with different film clips of the last 10 years.


NEOZOON is a female art collective founded in Berlin and Paris in 2009. The artistic work of the group is based on the principle of collage and examines sociological questions dealing with speciesism in the anthropocene. In their videos, the de- and recontextualization of found footage/YouTube material is a recurring element. Their work features in international film festivals and exhibitions, most recently at the 2020 HMKV Dortmund, at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, at the 2019 Kurzfilmfestival Winterthur, at ISFF Oberhausen, at TechnoCare Vienna, and at IFFR Rotterdam.